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Q: Why would I change to T Clewrings on my sails?

A: Racing: using the T Clewring will ensure that you will never catch your genoa on the mast or shrouds in that crucial part of the race. It is very quick and easy to connect the sheets to the sail which provides many advantages in racing situations.

Cruising: The T Clewring will eliminate all damage to your mast. It is safer for the crew with no clips flying around. In addition the genoa will not catch on the inner forestay when tacking or furling your genoa.

Changing to the T Clewring on your sails will also be very cost effective. You eliminate the cost of genoa clips as they are not required.

Q: Can the sheets ever come off?

A: The T Clewring was developed over 3 years during the 2003 Americas Cup, it was used on 75 genoas and 7500 tacks. The T Clewring never failed!

Q: How do I change to the T Clewring and what do I need?

A: Contact your local sailmaker and request The T Clewring or contact us via this website. The T Clewring can be easily fitted to your existing or new sails.

Q: Why do I need the connector loop? Why can't I just hook my jib sheets straight on to the T Clewring?

A: The connector loop loads the T Clewring evenly, if you don't use the connector loop you put a bending moment on the T of the ring and this will eventually fatigue. Loops are supplied with the T Clewrings.

Q: What do I do if I get an override or need to change a damaged sheet?

A: Easy, get another connector loop (CL) and the new sheet you want to change to. Put your CL through the lazy sheet already attached and then the new sheet you are changing to. Go over the T Clewring with your new CL. You are now clear to tack. Cut the CL as you are tacking.

This system eliminates ever cutting your genoa sheets.

"Whether you are in the finals of the America's Cup or just cruising down the harbour to your favourite anchorage,            

T Clewrings are the only way to go for reliability, strength and ease of use. They just can't fail"

Matthew Mason, America's Cup and Round the World Veteran 

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